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Cyphernetics – WTF?

juni 16, 2010

Eller chiffernetik – vad i hela friden är det?

Telecomix Kryptokrigsmaterielbyrås wikisida finns en beskrivning:

Cybernetics is the study of how to control regulatory systems of any kind; technological, social, biological and mathematical systems. Cyphernetics, on the other hand, is similar to the study of cybernetics, but does not rely on that the entire system is known or controlled from one single point. Rather, cyphernetics is the study of how to do things in states of chaos and uncertainty. In cipherspace and states of crypto anarchy, we can no longer rely on control mechanisms that emerge from a single source or agent. Instead we must be able to handle the two facts of cipherspace, that there are no identities and no authorities. This cancels out the point of departure for cybernetics; it needs to identify and authorize systems. Cyphernetics, on the other hand, can perform without these basic assumptions.

The study of cyphernetics is that of how organizations, actions and reactions can be constructed in environments where it is impossible to deduce the state of the entire macroscale system. This differs from the study of cybernetics, where the state of the entire system is supposedly known by a meta-agent. The engineering aspect of cyphernetics has its focal point in the creation of hidden functions and groups that is externally incomprehensible, but known to the actors that construct the structures. A collection of such actors, or agents, that operates towards similiar goals can be said to constitute a secret society.

För den som vill veta mer om chiffernetik så ordnas världens första chiffernetik-konferens idag, Onsdag den 16 juni och pågår till imorgon Torsdag 17 Juni!

På Onsdagen blir det föreläsningar och teori på Torsdagen blir det mer praktik med workshopar. Garanterat mycket lulz, chiffer, anonymitet, hierofanter, agenter, botar, chifferkatter, kvantlådor (kanske) och eventuellt en eller annan öl… för du missar väl inte Onsdagkvällens musikkulturella händelse med Cipherstepmusik och chans att träffa äkta livs levande Internauter.

Schemat hittar du här och en officiell inbjudan finns här.

Prisad vare Cameron!

Konferensen arrangeras i samarbete med:

Telecomix, Telecomix Försvarsdepartement, Telecomix Utbildningsdepartement, Telecomix Kryptokrigsmaterielbyrå

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